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Play Date. Quote: 'I am pretty sure we listened to Play Date over 20 times in the car traveling from DC to Massachusetts, to New Hampshire, to Maine, and back again.  Mr. Gabedefinitely has a knack for capturing the true family experience!--Kimberlee Cook Hannum, Takoma Park'

FAQs about Play Date, the first Mr. Gabe CD


  1. Play Date (2:12)
  2. The Motorcycle Song (3:25)
    (Arlo Guthrie)
  3. I Won’t Eat That (3:09)
  4. Sambalelé (2:23)
    (Charity Bailey and Eunice Holsaert)
  5. Five Little Monkeys (2:44)
  6. It’s Okay (2:51)
  7. Mr. Sneeze (3:00)
    (Mark Cirillo)
  8. Joy Ride (1:30)
  9. We All Turned Back (2:08)
  10. Pirates (2:25)
  11. The Itsy Bitsy Jig (1:17)
  12. I Want a Puppy (1:34)
  13. At the Pool (2:21)
    (Madara/Singer/White) (New lyrics by Mr. Gabe)
  14. Good Day (2:41)

All songs by Mr. Gabe, except where indicated.
Lyrics to the songs


Mr. Gabe: Acoustic guitar, “electrified” acoustic guitar, Martin steel-string Backpacker guitar, percussion, lead and backing vocals

Michael Shereikis: Bass (tracks 1-3, 5, 7, 9, 10), drums, electric guitar, percussion, backing vocals, and keyboard (on “Mr. Sneeze”)

Jay Gordon: Bass (tracks 4, 6, 8, 11-14)

Jon Hoffschneider: Piano (keyboard)

The Family Choir: Sophie Falvey, Willa Falvey, Victoria Gau, Jacob Hutter and Jenny Ruark


Produced by Michael Shereikis and Mr. Gabe

Recording engineer: Michael Shereikis
Additional recording: Rob Perl and Frank Marchand

Mixing: Frank Marchand for Airshow
Mastering: Charlie Pilzer for Airshow

Graphic design: Amy Wajda

Front cover illustration: Sarah Hutter
Inside illustration: Jacob Hutter

Photograph: Carol Clayton
(Thanks to Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, MD, for the use of the stage.)

FAQs about Play Date, the first Mr. Gabe CD

How does the music on this CD compare to what audiences hear at a Mr. Gabe performance?
The songs I do in performance are mostly nursery rhymes, folk songs and the occasional child-friendly pop songs, whereas most of the songs on "Play Date" are originals. Plus, on stage it's usually just me and my guitar, while on the CD I’ve got several musicians backing me up.

Are there any songs on the CD that my child might recognize?
Yes, especially if they’ve come to my performances. "Sambalelé," a song made popular by Raffi; "Five Little Monkeys;" "The Motorcycle Song;" and "I Won’t Eat That” all have long been part of my repertoire. And see if your child recognizes "The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” remade here as "The Itsy Bitsy Jig."

What's the recommended age range for this CD?
Overall, I would put it at 2 to 6. Some of the originals, like "Pirates" or "I Want a Puppy," aim at the upper half of that range, but I'm pretty sure younger listeners will enjoy these songs as well.

How would you describe this music?
"The Beatles for kids" is what I once said when a friend asked me that question. That sounds grandiose, but I haven’t been able to think of a more apt shorthand description. On balance, this is more of a pop music album for children than a traditional children’s album of sing-alongs. A number of the songs have been arranged with drums, bass, guitar and piano, and the music covers a range of styles, including folk, country, rock 'n' roll, reggae–even a dash of hip hop. At the same time, these are songs that are meant to be sung. Catchy choruses abound, and the vocals are front and center throughout.

Are the lyrics to the songs available somewhere?
Lyrics to the songs

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"Our family loves Mr Gabe. He has a nice repertoire of familiar tunes and fun originals. The kids always have a great time singing, dancing, stomping, and jumping along."
—Denise (mother of Phoebe and Kai)
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